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Igniting a love of culinary arts

Kitchen Wizards offers fun and educational cooking classes for children and adults. Our programs encourage kids of all ages to discover the magic of cooking, one bite at a time!  Kitchen Wizards’ culinary programs encourage creativity, patience, and listening skills. Students learn to take pride in their work and gain a skill that they can use for a lifetime.

We offer baking, cooking, candy-making programs, and summer camps.  Great fun for scout groups, birthday parties, and much more! Kids even bring home the recipes so they can reproduce their creations for friends and family. We ignite a love of the culinary arts in our young chefs.

Real World Learning

Kitchen Wizards has 20 instructors in PA and NJ. We integrate what is happening in the world, in children’s lives, in their classrooms into our lessons. As examples, in some of our programs, we talk about friction (when rolling balls of dough between palms of hands), body temperature (why foods may melt if held too long), arrays (when putting cookies on a cookie sheet), holiday traditions throughout the world, former/current presidents’ favorite foods, and how to eat healthfully with examples of foods that are rich in protein, high carb, high fat, various vitamins, and more.

We help children connect what they’re learning in the classroom to real life situations. Kitchen Wizards helps children build confidence in a life skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.

 Our History: Kathy’s Just Desserts

Kathy Wolper started her business, Kathy’s Just Desserts, Inc., in 2001 as a home-based baking business. However, as a former teacher, she quickly realized she missed the interaction of teaching.

Kathy expanded her business to include teaching culinary enrichment programs to children and adults. This part of her business grew so much that she decided to create a division called Kitchen Wizards®.  She now has 20 instructors and offers programs, classes, camps, birthday parties, and more, throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Kitchen Wizards instructors help kids of all ages to “Discover the magic of cooking, one bite at a time!”®

As of 2016, Kathy no longer sells baked goods.  All of her business is now devoted to helping children and adults develop an important life skill and enjoy working in the kitchen.

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