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Little Chefs Beginning Cooking

Campers will enjoy kid-friendly favorites for budding chefs, including oven-baked chicken fingers, homemade pasta and meatballs and more! Each member of the family will enjoy these entrees when the kids make them at home.

Taste of Italy Camp

Do your children LOOOOVVVVE Italian food? During this camp, they’ll prepare and eat a different Italian meal each week.This camp will be Mangia madness!

Chocolate, Chocolate, and MORE Chocolate!

If your children are WILD about chocolate, THIS camp is for them! They’ll learn to prepare everything chocolate – candy, cookies, cake, pudding, pie – you name it!

Historical Doll Cooking Camp

Does your daughter love her dolls, each with its own name and story? Each day of this camp we’ll make foods that Josefina, Kirsten, Kaya, and Samantha & Nellie would have eaten if they were really little girls in that era. Girls will decorate an apron to use and take home at the end of the week. Girls are welcome to bring their dolls along!

Cooking Around the Clock Camp

Each evening, we’ll make foods for a different meal of the day – Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner. By the end of the week, your cookin’ kid will be helping (or showing YOU how!) to prepare any meal, any time!

Cooking Around the USA

Camp will feature food from a different section of the United States of America each day including Southern Cooking, Tex-Mex, California Cuisine and “Philly Phoods”.

Christmas in July

Does your child LOVE Christmas time? We do, too! So, we’re celebrating Christmas in July with a great cooking camp. While playing Christmas carols, we’ll make edible gifts, bake cookies, prepare a Christmas brunch, and have a “mocktail” party!

Cooking Around the World

This camp will feature food from a different place in the world each day. This year, we’ll prepare cuisines of Italy, Mexico, France, and on the last day, we’ll prepare some recipes from the good ol’ USA.

Eat Like the Pros Camp

Love those boys of summer?? Want to be a major leaguer when you grow up? Well, get an early start by EATING like the Phillies (and former Phillies) do! We’ll make favorite recipes of some of your favorite players.

Candy and Cookies and Cupcakes, Oh My!

If your children want to be future winners of Cupcake Wars, they will enjoy this camp where they will learn to make a variety of different kinds of sweets. We will include some cupcake decorating, baking techniques and some chocolate dipping.

Sweets for Sweeties

This camp will include an assortment of desserts, candies and more sweet treats for our littlest chefs-in-the-making. If your pre-school or elementary aged child is interested in cooking/baking, this camp is the perfect recipe!

Eat Like the Presidents!

To celebrate this election year, children will prepare favorite recipes from current/past presidents.  They will “VOTE” for their favorite president, based on the best tasting food.  Let the pundits talk about the issues.  We don’t care if one of our presidents was a Republican or Democrat.  We just want to know who liked the best tasting food!

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