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Want to Join the Kitchen Wizards Team?

The perfect candidate for our kids’ programs has a love of children and a passion for cooking/baking. If you have experience teaching or managing kids (teacher, teacher’s aide, religious ed teacher, scout leader), AND you enjoy making meals and desserts, you might be interested in a fun job in which you combine your experience and your interests and earn a competitive salary. You do not have to be a gourmet chef – but not “microwave only”. In other words, you must feel comfortable working in the kitchen.

We’re also looking for additional instructors for our adult programs. Looking for folks who are fun and outgoing and like cooking and baking.


To work for Kitchen Wizards, you must be willing to follow our lesson plans/recipes to keep the consistency and recognition of Kitchen Wizards programs as the business grows.

Looking for instructors that have good work habits in the kitchen. Kitchen Wizards instructors need to model cleanliness and organizational skills while teaching.

All instructors must hold all state clearances (less than 1 year old, if at another location than the school where you teach full-time) – and take the Virtus workshop if you are teaching a program in a Catholic school. Instructors are required to sign a non-compete, confidentiality contract.

The ideal candidate should have enthusiasm and a sense of fun – and a goal of helping kids and adults to enjoy working in the kitchen and gain confidence.

Next Step!

Kitchen Wizards is proud to offer a competitive salary. Pay depends on the type of program and the number of students in a program/party.

If you think you would be a good fit for Kitchen Wizards, please email your resume to Kathy. In addition, let Kathy know why you would be a great addition to the Kitchen Wizards team.

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