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Meet the founder –

Kathy Wolper

Kitchen Wizards Kathy Wolper has always had a passion for sweets. Prior to starting Kitchen Wizards, Kathy had about 20 years of experience teaching children and training adults. She is a PA certified elementary teacher and has a Certified Technical Trainer designation. Kathy decided to combine her love of teaching with her love of baking and candy making and from that, the Kitchen Wizards brand of culinary enrichment programs were born.

Kathy is enthusiastic about cooking, baking, and candy making because she loves working in the kitchen. It gives Kathy a feeling of accomplishment when she pro- duces something tasty, and as Kitchen Wizards, we hope to ignite that love of the culinary arts in our students. Kathy has taken candy making and baking classes at Main Line School Night and The Disney Institute, in order to hone the skills she learned from her mother while she was growing up. Kitchen Wizards hopes to be grooming future baking business owners, or at least people who can pass along these skills to their own children someday.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kathy has transformed her business to be VIRTUAL ONLY!  Check calendar and you’ll see how you can cook or bake along with Kathy from your own kitchen – from anywhere in the world!

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